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A Testicular Biopsy is a test to take a small sampling of one or both of the testes to evaluate the presence of sperm in the tissue.  If you had an abnormal semen analysis that revealed no live sperm present or an extremely low sperm count then you may need to undergo this procedure to determine whether sperm are available to perform an IVF procedure.  
You will be referred to a specialized urologist who will evaluate you and determine if testicular biopsy is indicated.  We work with Dr. Steven Hirshberg in Abington, PA since he can perform the biopsy at the Toll Center in Abington where we do our IVF procedures. His phone number is (215) 517-1100.  When you meet with him, he will discuss arrangements to schedule the biopsy.
If the biopsy specimen is being used for IVF then the procedure will likely be scheduled the day of your partner's egg retrieval. It may be done in advance if you have had a vasectomy. The date of the retrieval cannot be estimated until your partner has started her medications for IVF.  Our staff will work directly with the urologist office to coordinate this once your partner has started her IVF cycle.