An SHG (sonohysterogram), also known as SIS (saline infusion sonography) is special type of pelvic ultrasound in which the sonogram is followed by injection of sterile saline (salt water) into the uterus. By filling the uterine cavity and creating contrast, abnormalities in the uterine lining such as submucus fibroids and polyps become easier to see. In our center, we 3-D imaging which enables us to pick up uterine abnormalities that might otherwise be missed.

Unlike the HSG, the SHG usually gives us very little information on the fallopian tubes. For information on the HSG, click here.

Instructions for Sonohysterography at Princeton IVF

  • SHGs are performed in our office M-F during morning ultrasound hours (6-9 AM) and are scheduled by Keely .
  • If your SHG is being done in preparation for an IVF cycle, please be sure it is scheduled on a day when the doctor is in
  • Your insurance may require pre-certification and/or referrals for the SHG. If so, it is your responsibility to make sure these are in place.