Semen Analysis

Since female and male causes for infertility are about equally common, it is important to test the husband/male partner as well the female. The first step is perform a semen analysis in which the sperm are examined under a microscope. The andrologist/technician will examine the sperm under the microscope, paying particularly close attention to:

  • volume
  • count (millions of sperm per ml)
  • motility (percentage of sperm swimming)
  • morphology (percentage of sperm normally shaped)

At Princeton IVF in Lawrenceville we perform semen analysis in house. 

Instructions for Semen Analysis at Princeton IVF

  • It is always done by appointment. Please call Tara at 609-512-4031 to schedule. Her email is
  • You will need to abstain 3-7 days before the test. That means no intercourse or ejaculation of any kind during that time. Therefore, you should not schedule this during your "fertile period."
  • The specimen may be produced at home or in our collection room into a sterile cup we will provide for you.
  • If you produce it at home, we must have it within 1 hour of production but we would prefer to get it within 30 minutes. You will need to keep the cup warm during transport.
  • We require photo ID in order to accept any sperm samples.
  • We will contact you with the results within 1-2 business days.