Jennifer E. Graves-Herring, PhD, HCLD, Embryology Lab Director

A critical component of any IVF program is the embryology laboratory, the place where eggs are fertilized, and the embryos spend their first few days before implantation in the womb. We are fortunate to have teamed up with the Toll Center/ Abington Reproductive Medicine located on the campus of Abington Memorial Hospital nearby in Pennsylvania, where Dr. Derman performs all of our IVF procedures. Dr. Jennifer Graves-Herring is the laboratory director at Abington where she oversees all aspects of IVF lab.

She earned her PhD in Biological Science from Clemson University in 2008 after completing her MS in Animal Physiology and BS in Animal Science at the same institution. She completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Smithsonian’s National Zoological Park, Department of Reproductive Services where she performed research in egg freezing and in vitro production of oocytes. She has experience in the implementation of FDA requirements, developing laboratory procedures and ensuring compliance. She is a member of the American Association of Bioanalysts and is certified as a High Complexity Clinical Laboratory Director for both andrology and embryology.

Dr. Graves-Herring works under the supervision of Dr. Kathleen Miller

Kathleen Miller, D.H. Sc.

Top IVF laboratories, New Jersey, Pennsylvania

Dr. Miller leads the team at MedTech specializing in assisted reproduction technologies. The author of more than 100 abstracts and papers on fertility and assisted reproduction technologies, She is well known for research advances in the field of blastocyst culture, and pre-implantation genetics as well as a leading expert in laboratory management, quality improvement programs, and single embryo transfer.

Dr. Kathleen Miller and her team at MedTech have planned and implement state-of-the-art IVF laboratories throughout the country. All of these ART laboratories continue to deliver exceptional pregnancy rates and use cutting-edge technologies.

Dr. Miller is actively involved in research projects relating to many areas of assisted reproduction, including time-lapse technology to select embryos that have the best chance of developing into a successful pregnancy and birth.