Infertility Benefits Coordinator

                                                     Samantha Mull

When scheduling your first visit with us, the first stop will be a conversation with Tara, our infertility benefits coordinator. Because of law enacted in 2001, the Family Building Act, many New Jersey couples will have coverage for their fertility testing and treatment, up to and including IVF. While the numbers of women covered by this law has changed as health care reform has eroded the reach of this mandate, many our patients are still fortunate enough to have coverage. It is important to us that you understand what your insurance will cover and what they require from you (copays, referrals, etc) up front so there are no surprises. Tara will contact your insurer directly to find our this information for you. If you do have coverage, here at Princeton IVF we participate with most carriers and insurance plans in New Jersey, and have financing plans available.

You may reach Tara by phone 609-512-4031, fax 609-896-0643 or, or use the form below:

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