Pioneer of IVF in America Remembered


The father of IVF in the US and his legacy

This past month the Reproductive Medicine community lost one of the giants in our field, Dr. Howard Jones. Although I never had the opportunity to work under Dr. Jones, my own mentors did train under him in Norfolk and Johns Hopkins. Like all reproductive medicine specialists in the country, not just those who trained under him, we owe a special debt to him for enabling us to do what we do.

In the early days of our specialty, fertility doctors could do little to help our patients. There were medications to help women with irregular cycles ovulate and fertility surgeries that had limited success. Still, many causes of infertility remained remained very difficult to treat. After leaving Johns Hopkins for Norfolk, Dr. Jones' team was the first in the US to perform successful IVF on an infertile couple, and his team's numerous contributions to the advancement of IVF continued for years to come.

Now, built on the foundation by Drs. Howard and Georgeanna (his late wife and partner) Jones, today we can actually help most of our patients have a baby to take home, and that is a truly a life to celebrate.