How long should you wait to get pregnant after a miscarriage?

How long to wait to get pregnant after a miscarriage: Princeton IVF blog
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I just had a miscarriage. When can I try to get pregnant again ?

This one of the most common questions that women will ask of their OBGYNfertility specialist or midwife. In order to be cautious, doctors frequently recommend that couples wait a few months before attempting pregnancy. It has been known for sometime that a women may be more fertile just after miscarrying. At the same time there has been a nagging concern that perhaps conception too soon might increase the risk of another miscarriage. Certainly, common sense dictates waiting a period of time would be a good idea.

So, how soon can you conceive after a miscarriage?

It turns out that new research suggests, the there may be no reason to wait at all. In a large study performed by the National Institutes of Child Health and Human Development where they looked at over 1000 women over 4 years. While the researchers were mainly interested in determining whether aspirin can reduce the risk of pregnancy loss, they also found out more about conception after miscarriage. It turns out that couples who get pregnant within 3 months of miscarrying are actually more likely not just get pregnant ( 69% vs. 51%) but actually more to deliver a baby (53% vs. 36%) than those who waited. Those women who conceived right away did not have more complications during the pregnancy.

While this is certainly an issue women should discuss with their doctors, the answer to the question:

How long after miscarriage can you try again?

... It may turn out to be right away.