The holidays- developing a coping strategy

Infertility during the holidays: Princeton IVF blog
Christmas, Chanukah, Thanksgiving and Kwanzaa can be a difficult time when you have infertility. Here are some suggestions to get through it.

The holiday season can very difficult for couples suffering from infertility.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, some combination, or none, the holiday season may not always be as joyous for those who have been trying to get pregnant without success. With some planning, it is still possible to de-stress yourself at this time of year. Here are some suggestions from counselors who work with couples suffering from infertility.

  • Decide on a plan for opening your holiday cards.

    Opening cards with pictures of your friends or family’s children can be painful. Discuss with your partner how you want to handle this

  • Think about your holiday parties and how to avoid awkward situations.

    Hosting the party yourself can help you to control the situation. Think about how you might exit a gathering at someone else’s how if the situation becomes uncomfortable.

  • Decide what you what to share about your fertility.

    The two of you should decide how much or how little you wish to share about what is going on, and a strategy for handling the questions. It is very likely you will get questions or comments, so be prepared.

  • Think about an exit plan if the social situation becomes uncomfortable.

    Many couples find attending a party with young children or with prying relatives to be too much to bear. Think about how you might handle the situation and what you might want to reveal when extracating yourself from the situation.

The holidays can and should be a time for joy and love. Some advanced planning can help it stay that way.