Asian women more likely to miscarry

Are women of Indian and Pakistani heritage more likely to miscarry after IVF?: Princeton IVF blog

Women of South Asian heritage more likely to miscarry after IVF

While it not necessarily common knowledge, it has been known for years among fertility specialists that women of Asian heritage do not have the same chances for treatment success when compared with Caucasian women. This finding is rather surprising given the large populations of India and China and the other nations of southern and east Asia. With large numbers of women immigrating here from Asia to New Jersey and elsewhere in the US and around the world, understanding this phenomenon better is important to fertility doctors so we can properly counsel our patients preparing for IVF, IUI and other treatments

South Asian fertility patients

A number of smaller studies in the past have suggested that Asian women may have lower live birth rate than the population at large, but those studies are too small to be meaningful and the researchers were unable to completely sort out their patients' ethnic backgrounds and large groups of women from different ethnicities were lumped in together. Fertility doctors in Birmingham England this time decided to look at at almost 14,000 IVF cycles and what they found was a significantly higher miscarriage rate (1.5X) in women of South Asian descent. At this time, the reason for this unknown. The good news, however, if there is one, is that even though the miscarriage rates in women of Indian/Pakistani/Bengali heritage are higher, the actual chances for conception with IVF were essentially the same.