Day 3 FSH level

An FSH level is blood test drawn on near the 3rd day of the cycle and is used to check ovarian reserve. FSH itself is a hormone that the pituitary gland (at the base of the brain)_ produces to stimulate the eggs to grow, and the FSH levels rise as your ovary starts to run out of eggs. Ovarian reserve is a way a of measuring the quantity (number) and to a lesser extent, the quality of your eggs.

Having a low FSH level ( <10) is considered good and having a high level > 10 and especially > 15, suggests that you may not respond well to fertility drugs and will probably have a lower chance for success with IVF. However, many women with FSH levels do conceive and have children, but it is much less common. The day 3 FSH level is usually run with an estradiol (E2) and an LH level.

Instructions for Day 3 Bloodwork at Princeton IVF

  • We are open M-F 6-9 AM on weekdays and at 7 AM only on Saturdays for blood draws.
  • We would prefer for you to make an appointment if possible, but if your period comes over the weekend that may not be possible. We will still see you without an appointment.
  • Insurance permitting, we will run it in house. If so, the results will be ready the same day (M-F).