Our size and our practice philosophy makes Princeton IVF the right choice for you.

There are many fertility doctors and practices in New Jersey and nearby New York and Philadelphia, so why chose our center...

We are not a fertility mill.

Couples who have been to larger centers know the routine all too well. Take a number. Each time you come in you see a different doctor, and perhaps even different staff members. At Princeton IVF, we have one doctor and small core staff who will be there to care for you each time.

We are local.

Princeton IVF's Lawrenceville office is where we see all of our patients. We are not the satellite of another large practice located in a different part of the state. You won't be sent to a strange office 40 miles away on the weekend or when one of the doctors is on vacation. While some procedures (such as surgery and IVF procedures) are done offsite all of the ultrasound, bloodwork and consultations are done right here at our office.

We are convenient.

For patients who see the OBGYNs or midwives at Delaware Valley, we are right on site. For anyone who lives or works anywhere near the Princeton area, we at the center of it all at the crossroads of US-1, I-95 and I-295.

We treat patients not pregnancy rates.

While we are proud of our IVF pregnancy rates, it is our practice not to turn away patients (within reason) who are less likely to get pregnant. Many programs will steer couples who are less likely to get pregnant with IVF to donor egg or refuse to treat them, to enhance their success rates. While for the most part it is reasonable advice, some couples who are considered poor prognosis will be successful. We believe that with realistic counseling, mature adults should be able to make their own decisions.

We do not push couples towards IVF.

In vitro fertilization is the one of the most successful treatments for infertility and we are big believers in it. For this reason, among others, couples at fertility clinics are often encouraged to move on directly to IVF even if alternative treatments might be successful. In vitro is also invasive, somewhat unnatural and pricey, and it is not for everyone. Again, we believe that with appropriate counseling, mature adults are capable of making their own decisions.

We have access to the latest technology.

Most of our patients get pregnant long before they get to high tech procedures such as IVF and genetic testing of embryos (PGS,PGD,CSS). However, our affliliation with one the finest and most experienced IVF labs in the Philadelphia area, the Toll Center at Abington Reproductive Medicine and with Igenomix and Cooper Genetics allows us to offer the full gamut of advanced reproductive technologies to those couples who need it.